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Tuesday 4th June
At the Chapel (Club Room), Bruton
£10 (+ booking fee) | Book Online
  • Thursday 2nd May
  • 6.30pm
  • Winstone's Books, Sherborne
  • Tickets £2 from the shop or online.
  • Winstone's Books Sherborne
  • 10th April 2024
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • Tickets £2
  • Thursday, 1st February 2024
  • 6.30 for 7pm 
  • Butterfly House, Castle Gardens, DT9 5NR.
  • Tickets £2, available from the shop or online.

Winstone’s Hunting Raven Books is delighted to present an in-conversation event with authors Lily Dunn (Sins of My Father) and Ali Millar (The Last Days).Both Dunn and Millar have written gripping personal memoirs around the effects that non-mainstream religion, cults and addiction can have on family life. Both memoirs have...

Former BBC broadcast journalist, podcaster on Parkinson’s, and health and technology writer, Rory Cellan-Jones' enthralling memoir Ruskin Park weaves post-war spirit with the beginnings of the BBC. A moving account of his indomitable mother, talented father and the glamour of 1950s television, the book details Rory's compelling journey of discovery about...

"Women have always gardened, but their stories have all too often been buried with their work. Alice Vincent is on a quest to change that. To understand what encourages women to go out, work the soil, plant seeds and nurture them, even when so many other responsibilities sit upon their...

We are delighted to welcome Sunday Times Bestselling author, Elly Griffiths to Frome to celebrate the the launch of the next gripping volume in The Brighton Mysteries series, The Great Deceiver. Magician Max Mephisto, now divorced and living in London, when he is hailed by a voice from the past,...

Somerset. Beautiful and ancient from moor to coast. We are a county stuffed full of walkers, climbers, nature enthusiasts and writers.The perfect place, in fact, for Christopher Somerville - the Bristol- based Times walking correspondent - to introduce his latest book Walking The Bones of Britain – A 3 Billion Year Journey from the Outer Hebrides to the...

A decade after the publication of the beloved and prize-winning memoir Love, Nina, award-winning author Nina Stibbe is back with a diary of her return to London in her sixty-first year.Join us for a fabulous event with Nina, as she introduces her new book: Went to London, Took the Dog. Nina...

  • Monday, 4th September 2023
  • Butterfly Room, Castle Gardens, DT9 5NR
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • Tickets £2 redeemable against the book

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  • Thursday, 26 October 2023
  • Frome Town Hall, Christchurch St W, Frome BA11 1EB
  • from 2pm
  • Tickets £10 including cream tea
  • Wednesday, 8th November 2023
  • The Butterfly House, Castle Gardens, Sherborne DT9 5NR
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • Tickets £5
  • Tuesday, 5th December 2023
  • Cheap St Church, 54 Cheap Street, Sherborne, DT9 3BJ
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • Tickets £5
  • Thursday, 10th August 2023
  • Winstone's Hunting Raven, 10 Cheap St, Frome BA11 1BN
  • 7.30pm
  • Sunday, 9th July 2023
  • Digby Memorial Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • £7 ticket only, £20 with signed copy of the book
NOT TO BE MISSED!  GRAHAM HURLEY will be in conversation with Andrew Chatterton at Sidmouth Library on Tuesday, 11th July at 3pm.
  • Thursday, 20th July 2023
  • Winstone's Books, Sherborne
  • 6.30 for 7pm
  • Free event
  • Thursday, 3rd August 2023
  • The Glade, Smith's Cafe at Steeptonbill Farm, DT11 0BZ
  • 6pm cocktails, 6.30pm book talk followed by music, food and chat
  • Tickets £2 redeemable against the book, includes a cocktail
  •  Thursday, 22nd June 2023
  • 6.30pm for 7pm
  • Raleigh Hall, Digby Road, DT9 3NL
  • £2 inc. refreshments

Analog Sea first came to our attention in 2018, when they sent us a beautifully wrapped sample of the Analog Sea Review together with an elegant letter explaining their offline philosophy. It was love at first sight. Roll on five years and we have Analog Sea Reviews one, two, three...

  • Friday, 3rd March 2023
  • Cheap Street Church, Cheap Street, Sherborne
  • 6.30 for 7pm

From one of our most treasured BBC broadcasters, The Spy Across the Water is the the third instalment in James Naughtie's brilliant spy series, woven around three brothers bound together forever through espionage.

  • Sunday, 12th March 2023, 10am-1pm
  • Kennaway House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth, EX10 8NG
  • Tickets £35
  • The Digby Memorial Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne, DT9 3NL
  • Wednesday 30th November, 7pm start
  • Tickets £9 Lit Soc members, £10 non-members
  • Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022
  • The Raleigh Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne

Heber-Percy, Vicar of Savernake, draws upon a kaleidoscopic knowledge of nature, philosophy, poetry and music, as well as religious writings, and interlaces them with amusing and touching vignettes from his Wiltshire parish.
  • Thursday, October 20, 2022
  • 7:00pm
  • East Knoyle Village Hall
  •  Friday, November 18th, 2022
  • Castle Gardens, Sherborne


In The Seed Detective, Adam shares his tales of seed hunting and the stories behind many of our everyday vegetable heroes. 

  • Saturday, 22nd October 2022 10.30am
  • Winstone's Books, Sherborne
  • Free entry
  • Tuesday, October 25, 2022
  • Powell Theatre, Abbey Road View map

Published for the 60th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis - the closest the world has ever come to nuclear war.

'Here are the ways. We must find the will'. Tom Heap lays out the various ways we can combat climate change : spreading rock dust on fields, educating girls, enhancing photosynthesis, building with wood, cooling reactors with salt and even listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger!In his recent BBC podcast and book,...

Join Sophie Pavelle on a low-carbon journey around Britain in search of ten animals and habitats threatened by climate change in the 21st century.Like many of her generation, millennial science communicator Sophie Pavelle is determined to demand action on climate change. In this amusing and thought-provoking book, she describes the...

In A Brief History of Black Holes University of Oxford astrophysicist, Dr Becky Smethurst charts the scientific breakthroughs that have uncovered the weird and wonderful world of black holes, from the collapse of massive stars to the iconic first photographs of a black hole in 2019. A cosmic tale of discovery, you’ll learn: why black...

Why is an inch an inch? Why a kilogram, a kilogram? Who decides the value of units of measurement and what effect does this control have on the world? In this talk, journalist and author James Vincent will explore the hidden history of measurement, a discipline that is as important to...

  • Old School Rooms, Sherborne School
    The Manningtree Witches plunges its readers into the fever and menace of the English witch trials, where suspicion, mistrust and betrayal ran amok as the power of men went unchecked and the integrity of women undefended. It is a visceral, exciting book that announces a bold new talent.
    • Thursday, July 21, 2022
    • The Raleigh Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne

    Fighter Pilot: From Cold War Jets to Spitfires is a unique perspective on aviation, written by a talented and dedicated pilot at the very top table of the RAF.
    • Wednesday, September 28, 2022
    • 12:30PM 
    • Cheap Street Church, Sherborne

    Discover the darkness that lurks around every corner in the latest instalment of Peter James's award-winning detective series, which is now a major ITV programme starring John Simm as Roy Grace. 
    • 6.30 for 7pm start
    • Winstone Books, Sherborne

      A fascinating personal account of a revolution in British farming.
        • Monday, October 10th, 2022
        • 6:30 PM for 7:00
        • Cheap Street Church

        Dorset-based upholsterer Sonnaz Nooranvary will be joining us to recount her experiences on the show and the associated challenges, in conversation with Kirsty Crawford. 

        • Saturday, September 3, 2022
        • 12:00-2:00pm
        • Winstone's Sherborne

        • Mon, 11 July 2022
        • 15:00 - 16:30 BST
        • Butterfly Room, Castle Gardens, Sherborne DT9 5NR

        Join us to welcome best-selling author and former Sherborne schoolgirl Santa Montefiore for an afternoon tea celebrating An Italian Girl In Brooklyn.


        Alison Weir is the biggest-selling female historian in the UK who will be discussing her latest novel about Elizabeth of York.
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