Author(s): Dunn, Carola,
Binding: Paperback,
Date of Publication: 20/10/2003,
Pagination: 288 pages,
Series: Daisy Dalrymple,
Imprint: Robinson Publishing,
Published By: Little, Brown Book Group,
Book Classification: Crime & mystery, Historical mysteries
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781849013314

Simply mad about the girl... In spring a young man's fancy will turn to love and the Honourable Phillip Petrie is no exception. Daisy's chum is totally smitten with Miss Gloria Arbuckle, daughter of a millionaire Yank.

But before the enthusiastic suitor can pop the question, his beloved is abducted by kidnappers. As a distraught Mr Arbuckle begins assembling the ransom, Phillip enlists Daisy to help him recover his missing sweetheart. Strictly forbidden to contact Scotland Yard, Daisy must resist the temptation to bring dashing Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher onto the case.

But as she closes in on the abductors' rural hideway, she begins to suspect that Gloria isn't the only fair damsel whose life hangs in the balance...

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