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A Little History of the World

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Author(s): Gombrich, Ernst H.,
Binding: Paperback,
Date of Publication: 19/08/2008,
Pagination: 304 pages, 40 black & white illustrations,
Series: 20th Century Architects,
Imprint: Yale University Press
Published By: Yale University Press
Book Classification: General & world history
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780300143324

The international bestseller: E. H. Gombrich's sweeping history of the world, for the curious of all ages.

"All stories begin with 'Once upon a time.' And that's just what this story is all about: what happened, once upon a time."

So begins A Little History of the World, an engaging and lively book written for readers both young and old.

Rather than focusing on dry facts and dates, E. H. Gombrich vividly brings the full span of human experience on Earth to life, from the stone age to the atomic age.

He paints a colorful picture of wars and conquests; of grand works of art; of the advances and limitations of science; of remarkable people and remarkable events, from Confucius to Catherine the Great to Winston Churchill, and from the invention of art to the destruction of the Berlin Wall. For adults seeking a single-volume overview of world history, for students in search of a quick refresher course, or for families to read and learn from together, Gombrich's Little History enchants and educates.