Come and Discover your Night Self!  


And Grab a few Sleep Tips...


Annabel Abbs will be sharing her  years of research on how our brains rewire after dark. She will explain why night time (even sleepless nights) can be the optimal time for reflection, creativity, and adventure.  For over a year, Annabel spent her wakeful nights wild sleeping, star-gazing, moth hunting, glow-worm tracking and walking (alongside other adventures).  Like thousands before her, she also wrote, worked and drew when she couldn’t sleep. Gradually her nights transformed into magical places of wonder and of creative profit. She also learnt to sleep. In this talk Annabel will also introduce us to some of history’s greatest night creators – from Louise Bourgeois to Virginia Woolf – and explain why embracing the night and its hidden mysteries might be the best possible way to live a fuller, and better-slept, life.

Annabel Abbs is an award-winning writer of highly researched fiction and non-fiction, including the international best seller, The Language of Food (optioned by CBS Studios), Windswept: Why Women Walk, voted a top ten 2021 travel book and, most recently, Sleepless: Discovering the Power of the Night Self (a Times 2024 Book of the Week).

As Annabel Streets she wrote 52 Ways to Walk: The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy, One Week at a Time and co-wrote The Age-Well Project: Easy Ways to a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life. She has written for a wide range of titles, including the GuardianTelegraphTatler and Good Housekeeping, and has appeared on BBC Ramblings, Sky News, Times Radio with Mariella Frostrup and  BBC Woman’s Hour.

Non-fiction book ‘Sleepless’

Sleepless has changed how I feel about sleep .  .  .  I was captivated’  The Times, Book of the Week

‘This book will inspire you to get up, light a candle, and experience your own Night Self’ Financial Times

‘Abbs’ descriptions of the pleasures of sleeping, waking and walking under the night sky are a tempting reminder of adventure and connection with the wild… revealing a wondrous night world.’ – New Scientist

‘[Full of] creative women whose greatest, most avant-garde works were conceived and produced at night. Abbs urges us to mine our night brains for creative profit… to stop catastrophising about how you’ll cope the following day.’ – The Sunday Times Magazine

Annabel will be doing a talk and signing on Tuesday, 19th March 2024, 6.30 for 7pm, Winstone's Books, Sherborne. 

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