Author(s): Sackville-West, Vita, Goehr, Laelia,
Binding: Paperback,
Date of Publication: 31/10/2019,
Pagination: 80 pages,
Series: N/A,
Imprint: Daunt Books,
Published By: Daunt Books,
Book Classification: Dogs as pets
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781911547464


In Faces, Vita Sackville-West traces the origins and history of forty-four dog breeds. She reflects on their characteristics with frank humour, from the gentle-eyed Afghan, 'like somebody s elderly Aunt Lavinia, who nourishes a secret passion for the Vicar', to the Labrador Retriever, 'dear, solid, faithful lump of a dog!', and that 'docile minion' the Corgi.

Each profile is accompanied by Laelia Goehr's striking black and white photographs. Together, profile and portrait capture these canine characters in their various moods: benevolent, haughty, amused, wistful, or simply a little bit sleepy.

Charming and fascinating in equal measure, Faces is a joyful read for all dog lovers.

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