Author(s): N/A,
Binding: Hardback,
Date of Publication: 01/08/2014,
Pagination: 160 pages, illustrations (colour),
Series: N/A,
Imprint: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd,
Published By: Dorling Kindersley Ltd,
Book Classification: Interest age: from c 7 years, Encyclopaedias (Children's / Teenage)
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9781409352075

Why make an encyclopedia around the question "why?". Well, why not? Sometimes kids asking "why" is the fastest way to understand the world around them. This exciting visual encyclopedia is perfect for your curious children who want their questions answered.

With an easy, interactive question-and-answer format, brilliant images and illustrations, your kid's favourite subjects will come to life!

A world of knowledge is packed into a one-stop-shop reference book for your child. Full of fun facts and trivia, colourful 3D-digital images, and games that will feed their brains and help them shape their ideas about the world around them. The kids' encyclopedia is filled with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of topics that are complementary to your school's curriculum.

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Why!

Kids ask questions all the time, and this exciting visual encyclopedia is perfect for curious children everywhere. The book covers a wide range of topics in a question and answer format. The book goes from the tiny things we can't see in our bodies to the enormous planets in our solar system in an easy to understand and visually appealing way.

Amaze and inspire young readers to find answers to questions such as: What's inside my body? Why do I get hungry? Why do lions have fur? Why does metal rust? What is a rainbow? How many animals are in the world?

Find out all the answers to these questions and everything you ever wanted to know inside the Why? Encyclopedia.

This educational book will answer your questions on:

- Space and our planet

- The human body and the broader living world

- History

- Science

- and more!

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